Movie Concession Food Could Be the Death of You

Yes, we’ve all heard the saying: “I just can’t watch a movie without eating popcorn!” That may be all well and good, but as you drizzle butter on that bag of popcorn you just bought at the cineplex, you should at least know what you’re getting yourself into.

Men’s Health recently did an alarming report on the six most horribly fattening things people eat, while watching their favorite blockbusters at the movie theater. From the large popcorn to mega cheese nachos, it’s a matter of adding up those calories every time you put a kernel or chip in your mouth.

According to Men’s Health, one Cornell University study showed just how thoughtless it can be to devour two days worth of fat grams at on sitting. Researchers gave patrons different-sized popcorn buckets, and those with large buckets ate nearly twice as much as those with medium buckets. And to add a twist, in some of the buckets, researchers traded out the fresh-popped corn for two-week-old kernels.  Apparently, they said those moviegoers munched away so absentmindedly that they put away 34 percent more stale popcorn, than those with medium buckets of fresh corn. Yikes.

If you’re still fooling yourself into thinking it’s OK to chow down when the lights dim, check out the full article to see just how bad it really is for you.