When the MTV Movie Awards Agree with the Oscars – INFOGRAPHIC

If you’re like me, then you determine your opinions based entirely on what other people think and feel. That’s why you treasure awards shows so dearly: they teach you wish movies to love, which actors to admire, which costume designers to dedicate makeshift shrines to. But unfortunately, it’s hard to decide which award show to trust above all. With so many inconsistencies among them, should we side with the the Golden Globes? The Independent Spirit Awards? People’s Choice?

As such, we’ve decided to match the minds behind the MTV Movie Awards, which broadcasts this Sunday, with those backing the big guns: the Oscars. Although the Academy might recognize the likes of Amour, while MTV opts instead for Ted, there are a few entries that fall in both categories. Check out our Venn Diagram below to determine which movies and actors you can definitely like.

Credit: Hollywood.com

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