MTV Movie Awards: Seth Rogen Explains ‘Pineapple’ Stoner Stunt

The MTV Movie Awards reached an all time high on Sunday when Pineapple Express stars Seth Rogen and James Franco lit up a joint and flashed some fake weed onstage to promote their new film.

The Freaks and Geeks duo, who were presenting the Best Movie of the Summer So Far Award, didn’t get far with the stunt when MTV pulled out to a wide shot leaving audiences at home to wonder what really happened.

We’ve got the scoop! Rogen says the skit was his idea, but it was approved by the network in advance. It wasn’t until they were about to walk out onstage that they heard otherwise.

“All of a sudden someone walks up to us and says, ‘You can’t do the bit with the props,’ he explains. With just seconds to spare the MTV rep receded after Rogen provided a copy of the script provided by the network.

“We went out and did it,” he says. “It played great in the room. We lit that joint and it f**king blew up in there and then later on someone said, ‘They pulled out really wide and made it seem like you weren’t supposed to be doing that’ and again, we literally didn’t say one word that wasn’t on that teleprompter.”

The Knocked Up star says whether they wanted it to look like they were being naughty or someone chickened out last minute it is all very “amusing” to him.