My Friend Pinto | 2011

Drama, Comedy
Twenty-something Michael Pinto's sheltered life in a small village centers around his mother. He writes to his old friend Sameer in Mumbai, but he doesn't reply. When his mother dies, Pinto goes to find Sameer and faces ...more


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Michael Pinto is a twenty-something, who lives in Goa, a small village. He believes that everyone in the world is simple, kind and honest, just like him. His world revolves around a doting mother, a passion for music and memories of his childhood friend, Sameer, who left Goa for Mumbai many years ago and hasn't replied to Pinto's frequent letters ever since. When Pinto's idyllic world is shattered by the sudden demise of his mother he decides to head to Mumbai in search of the only friend he knows. Will Pinto find Sameer or will trouble find him first? Will Pinto survive the big bad city or more importantly, will Mumbai survive Pinto?