Mysterious New Clip  from Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ Will Dazzle You

To me, Hugo is like a box. A special, magical box, filled with papers that fly about a room when the box is disturbed, producing gripping yet a bit unnerving animations of pixie women and moons being eye-poked. Of course, box magic cannot last forever. Eventually, a stern Uncle Ben Kingsley will waltz in, stifling the whimsy produced by the miraculous display. Don’t ask me where I got this imagery, by the way. Just came to me.

In the below scene from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, the young, sprightly duo of Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield) and Isabelle (Chloë Moretz) come across a magical box, much like the one that I made up all on my own without having watched this clip first. Although as a standalone clip from the movie, we are left craving more information, the scene is visually and creatively dazzling, as we see the imagination of an artist come to life mid-air. Literally. It’s also a metaphor, probably. 

Hugo comes to theaters Friday, Nov. 23.



Source: Cinemablend