NASA Mars Rover Landing Reaction Is the Best NASA Reaction Without Clint Howard

ALTFinally, a Mission to Mars we can all actually get psyched about. According to, NASA’s $2.6 billion Mars rover Curiousity successfully landed on the red planet early Monday, with the help of a sky crane and the world’s largest supersonic parachute. (And Michael Phelps. Probably.) 

When Curiousity — which is now transmitting images back to Earth, helping NASA discover if Mars ever supported life forms (which, as Alien and Prometheus and Red Planet and every other movie set in space has ever told us tell us, should bode spectacularly for us humans) — actually did land, NASA employees understandably went into orbit themselves. Space puns!

The jubilant scene of cheering, hugging NASA scientists, looked like, well, a scene from a movie. Watch the real moment which transpired earlier this morning (seriously guys, well done) and then compare them to Hollywood’s take on NASA celebrations from movies like Armageddon and Apollo 13. Since a Curiosity movie is pretty much inevitable, filmmakers should pay close attention to the clips below. And you should probably cast Clint Howard in it. 
Here are the real life space buddies who made the Curiousity landing a success: 

And here’s a scene from Apollo 13, when Houston no longer has a problem: 

Armageddon worried that Michael Bay might nab the rights to the Curiousity movie? Don’t be:

A more subdued reaction in Contact

Let’s be honest, this was NASA’s greatest mission to space: 

Did you get excited watching the NASA reaction video or are you way too freaked out about them intruding on our alien overlords? What’s your favorite space/NASA movie?

[Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls] 

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