Natalie Portman Falls For ‘Gravity’

Natalie PortmanYay! A reason to celebrate in an otherwise bleak news day! Natalie Portman is in serious talks to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity!

Even though Angelina Jolie passed on the script twice (it probably didn’t have enough running and shooting in it for her tastes) and actresses as bankable as Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock were campaigning for the role, Portman’s involvement is a huge win for the film. People seem surprised that she’d be considered for a major movie like this, but the question I’m asking is where have these people been? Portman is one of the best actresses in the business and she has been for years (not counting the Star Wars prequels, but who would pass on those films?). And Natalie’s Rap? Classic. You’ll have difficulty finding a more versatile actress to lead a film like this on her own.

Set in space, the film, written by Cuaron and his son Jonas, follows the sole survivor of a space shuttle/station crash who attempts to make it back to Earth before she dies alone aboard the craft. Portman, if officially hired, will carry the bulk of the narrative by herself, but the script also has a part big enough for Warner Bros. workhorse Robert Downey Jr. too, so my oddly specific fantasies about Iron Man and Queen Amidala are one step closer to becoming true.


Source: Cinematical