Natalie Portman Reportedly Rankled by Patty Jenkins’ ‘Thor 2’ Ouster

7756481.jpgMore turmoil in Asgard: Patty Jenkins’ recent departure from the Thor 2 director’s chair has reportedly rankled its female lead. THR’s Kim Masters reports that Thor star Natalie Portman, who played the earthly love interest to Chris Hemsworth‘s Norse superhero in the summer blockbuster and is slated to reprise her role in the sequel, is “deeply upset” over Marvel Studios’ decision to relieve the Monster helmer of her duties. Portman had apparently lobbied hard for Jenkins to secure the high-profile gig and wasn’t notified of the firing in advance. But, being the trooper that she is, Portman will reportedly remain in Thor 2 and abide by the terms of her Marvel contract, which no doubt spans a dozen or so lifetimes.

It’s unlikely that Marvel execs, a famously cost-conscious lot who’ve shown little sympathy toward disgruntled actors in the past, will be swayed by Portman’s alleged grumbling. The could just as easily pull a Cheadle and replace Portman, who is hardly an essential piece of the franchise, with another, more compliant actress who looks vaguely similar. Say, Keira Knightly, perhaps. If they really wanted to get cheeky, they could go with Mila Kunis.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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