Neeson Completes ‘Chloe’ Movie

Grieving actor Liam Neeson has returned to shoot the final scenes of his forthcoming movie Chloe after he was forced to abandon filming to be at the side of his dying wife Natasha Richardson during her final hours.

The Irish star quit the production of Chloe in Toronto on March 16, after learning Richardson had been hospitalized in Montreal following a fall during a skiing lesson.

He then flew his gravely ill partner to New York, where he was joined by family members and close friends at the Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Richardson passed away two days later.

The producers of Chloe rescheduled shooting to accommodate Neeson, allowing him time to comfort his devastated sons, Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12.

The star threw himself back into filming once he had buried his beloved wife last Sunday — returning to Toronto to wrap the movie.

But he was lost in mourning when the cameras were turned off, according to New York gossip column PageSix.

A source who spotted him sitting alone in a Toronto hotel tells the publication, “It was so sad. He looked like he was in an Edward Hopper print.”

Neeson’s representative confirms the actor has “completed the movie.”

Neeson’s sister-in-law Joely Richardson also returned to work on TV movie The Day of the Triffids. However, a bereaved Vanessa Redgrave, mother of Natasha and Joely Richardson, has delayed a charity performance in New York from April to October following her daughter’s death.

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