Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ Gets A Feature Film Adaptation

American GodsSometimes you hear an idea and think to yourself, “why would anyone waste the energy to even fire the synapses in their brain to formulate these thoughts.” Most of the time that happens when watching a reality show involving an occupation. But then along comes an idea that makes you say “this is a GOOD IDEA.” This is one of those times.

Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods is getting the big screen treatment and has attached a director and cinematographer. Gaiman won’t say who either is, but promises the director has “many, many Oscars and I think is a genius.” Works for me.

American Gods is a fantastic novel that easily lends itself to cinema. It follows an ex-con, Shadow, who joins a mysterious old man on a quest that involves every ancient deity as they converge in the heartland of America. It’s dark, mythical and depcits various religions with respect but doesn’t beat you over the head with them. I imagine the movie would be something between O, Brother Where Art Thou and Thor. At this point, it’s useless (and a little naive) to act surprised that it’s getting turned into a film; the best we can hope for is that it is done well. And if Gaiman is excited, then we should be too (especially if he’s this giddy at the earliest stages when he can’t even name names).

Source: ComingSoon