Hand-Picked Flix: Watch ‘Point Blank’ for Your Saturday Night Fever

Point BlankMagnolia Pictures via Everett Collection

It’s Saturday night. The game is on. The town is yours. You’re ready to go. But you need a little cinematic pep-talk. A movie that’ll get your adrenaline rushing top speed. Something with action, adventure, excitement… hell, maybe even something fantastical every so often. This week, our Netflix Hand-Picked Flix recommendation for Saturday Night Fever is Point Blank.

The term “breathless” gets tossed around for every action thriller out there, but French thriller Point Blank will truly have you looking for gaps in action to store up on oxygen. The film is a lean and taught actioner that follows Samuel Pierret (Gilles Lellouche), a simple nurse who gets caught in a twisting web of criminal intrigue after he treats the wrong man during a shift at his hospital. Samuel’s patient ends up being a thief who orders his lackies to kidnap Samuel’s wife and forces the medic to help him escape from the hospital. Things only get crazier from there, and Samuel is thrown down a rabbit hole from which he might never surface.

Point Blank is brilliant at throwing its nobody everyman hero into seemingly impossible situations. The character, who’s extremely ill-equipped to deal with the situation at hand, is certainly no John McClane, and the movie is better served for it. The film is oddly relateable, and will  leave you wondering what you’d do in a similar situation.

You can watch Battle Royale on Netflix, and check back tomorrow for our Lazy Sunday pick.