Netflix to Stream Past Episodes of ‘Mad Men’

Netflix to Stream Past Episodes of ‘Mad Men’

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Jon Hamm stars in AMC's 'Mad Men'

Mad MenThe most recent development in Netflix’s war on my social life is the acquisition of the rights to all past seasons of Mad Men for their instant streaming service. Damnit. Seriously. How the hell do they expect me to ever get anything done? Do they want my dishes to pile up in my sink worse than that weekend when Betty Draper fired her nanny? Do they want my scotch habit to get worse? Methinks they do.

Netflix payed $1 million per episode for that past 91 episodes and for the next two seasons of the show, which will become available prior to each season’s finale. But don’t go rushing home to your PlayStation 3 or Wifi capable Blu-ray player or laptop just yet. The episodes aren’t available until July 27. That gives you almost four months to get stuff done, see your family and enjoy outside air before you spend the entire summer reliving or catching up with four years of Don Draper antics.

Source: THR