New 8-Minute ‘Mortal Kombat: Rebirth’ Teaser!

ALTThere’s a new teaser trailer making the rounds on the internet for a possible new Mortal Kombat: “Rebirth” movie, and whoa – this looks awesome.  Contrary to initial speculation that the trailer is for an already green-lit movie, Jeri Ryan, who appears in the 8-minute clip, is claiming via Twitter that the teaser is an independent production from Kevin Tancharoen (the director of the Fame remake – who knew he had it in him?).  Tancharoen directed the short, which appeared on YouTube yesterday, as a pitch for Warner Bros. to show off his vision for a new Mortal Kombat movie.  No word yet from Warner Bros. on their reaction to the trailer, but the internet buzz around the possible “Rebirth” movie has been surging.

Our advice to Warner Bros: hire Tancharoen and get on this project ASAP!  The novice director’s vision for the franchise is dark, gritty, and features lots of the characters that will be familiar to anyone who has played the Mortal Kombat video games or seen either of the two MK movies.  Check out the video clip below.