New ‘American Reunion’ Red Band Teaser Shows Jim Up to His Old Habits

As you can see from the new red band American Reunion teaser, the characters haven’t grown up that much.

This NSFW clip gives us our first look at the upcoming film with reunites us with the group of Michiganians that defined “teen comedy” for our generation. Below, we get a quick glimpse at the married life of Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), now parents and nearing their thirties, but still, at the core, the same people we got to know twelve years back.

What with the collection of American Reunion pictures we posted yesterday, it seems like we have no choice but to get excited about this new movie. Will it live up to its predecessors? Will it bring something entirely new to the table? Will it redefine the genre its original incarnation redefined? Hard to say. But the below teaser, reminiscent of the very first scene that started off the American Pie series, seems to promise something very relatable: the war between one’s instincts to grow up and one’s urge to remain the youthful, magic-in-the-eyes eighteen year old who wasn’t above fornicating with a baked dessert. Maybe I’m reading too much into it; it could just be another funny, sex-charged comedy. But I’m willing to bet otherwise.

American Reunion reaches theaters on April 6, 2012. Click the image below the trailer to see more pictures from American Reunion

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Source: Latino Review

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