New Concept Art for ‘John Carter’ is a Beautiful Tribute to Our Martian Neighbors

John Carter will answer the age old question: “Is there Life on Mars?” And, like the world-renowned asker of this question, the movie looks absolutely nuts…in a good way. We’ve seen a couple of pieces of concept art from the upcoming Andrew Stanton project prior, as well as some intriguing photographs. These new pieces depict an illustration of the titular hero, interplanetary traveler John Carter himself (Taylor Kitsch), some gripping views of the Martian scenery and technology, and a couple of creatures.

Considering the fact that Mars has been a pretty good neighbor to us for the past several millenia, the idea of giving it a visually stimulating portrayal in modern cinema is something we should all get behind. Venus, on the other hand…Venus can go to hell.

John Carter comes to theaters Mar. 9.






Source: It’s Art via Comingsoon