New ‘Elysium’ Trailer Explains the Exciting Story of Bald Matt Damon’s Quest for Vengeance

In Elysium, Matt Damon exemplifies the out-of-this-world lengths to which a captive will go with only days to live and no threat of messing up his ‘do.

Just days after releasing a teaser, Sony Pictures has unveiled an in-depth three-minute plot-heavy trailer. Prisoners of a decrepit wasteland in the year 2154, the residents of Earth desperately wish to escape to the man-made space station where only the wealthy reside. When a near-fatal accident leaves Damon’s character in desperate need of immediate treatment, his only choice is to embark on a dangerous mission to Elysium. This posh metropolis is ruled by an emotionless Jodie Foster, who goes to all ends to keep the inhabitants of Earth off of her perfect utopia — a land free of crime, war, poverty, hunger, and diseases. 

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Neill Blomkamp didn’t disappoint when he wrote and directed 2009’s District 9 and, from the deluge of footage given away in this trailer, his newest movie won’t either. Yet if it were up to Blomkamp, the trailer might not have been quite as long. In regards to his TV spots, the director told Vulture in April, “I try to show as little as I can.”

Elysium occupies theaters and IMAX on August 9. 

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