New ‘Friends With Benefits’ Trailer

This new trailer for Friends With Benefits doesn’t exactly look promising. I much preferred the red band trailer, but alas, because little kiddies would be forever traumatized and society would crumble, Screen Gems needs something a bit safer. So we’re stuck with this.

However, it’s got some redeeming quality, mainly MILA KUNIS HALF NAKED THROUGHOUT MOST OF THE TRAILER. Solid marketing plan all around, guys. Also, who knew watching Patricia Clarkson feel up Justin Timberlake would be so funny? A final thought – Emma Stone! Woo! Despite everything the trailer did not do for me (the last gag is so unfunny I won’t bother mentioning it) I’m still excited for the movie. It has been mathematically proven that this will be funnier than No Strings Attached.

Source: Latino Review