New ‘Gangster Squad’ Trailer: Locked and Loaded with Guns — VIDEO

A little over a month after Gangster Squad was supposed to hit theaters Sept. 7 before being shifted in the wake of the Aurora, Colo., midnight screening shootings, Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the film. And, based on the ammo-heavy trailer, it seems the studio is banking on the public’s sensitivity to guns waning by the film’s Jan. 11 release. 

Still, there’s one key scene missing from the first trailer, and, thanks to reshoots, the movie as a whole: The cringe-worthy theater shooting scene that led to Gangster Squad‘s delay in the first place. But what’s left is an explosive trailer that makes you wish circumstances didn’t lead to the film being moved from this year’s very sleepy September slate. 
Not only will it be a delight to see Sean Penn play evil as Mickey Cohen, an L.A. gangster so confident in his brutality, he compares himself to God, but who can’t have a pop culture-gasm watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. co-stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling team up again as, respectively, a moll and her cop-turned-undercover gangster?
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