New ‘Green Lantern’ Banners Featuring Sinestro & Kilowog!

The marketing train for Warner Bros. new franchise hopeful Green Lantern is picking up steam as it races toward its June 17th release. Today, the studio has unveiled a pair of brand new character banners for the film which feature Sinestro (played by Mark Strong) and Kilowog (voice by Michael Clarke Duncan)! Both characters have major impacts on the story of the film and its protagonist Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), so get to know these extraterrestrials ASAP!

On first glance, I’d say that the rendering of Kilowog is better than that of Sinestro, but that’s becuase Kilowog is a fully CG character whereas there’s a real actor behind all of the makeup on Sinestro. However, in motion there’s no telling who’s going to maneuver more realistically. We’ll just have to wait another couple of weeks until The Emerald Knight, Green Lantern, flies into theaters!

Check out the banners below!

Kilowog Banner Green Lantern

Sinestro Banner Green Lantern

Source: Yahoo Movies