New Inception Trailer Leaves Us Begging for More

InceptionSource: Warner Bros. Pictures

Of all of the young directors working over the last decade, none has had a bigger influence on mainstream movies and the industry as a whole than Christopher Nolan. From Memento and Batman Begins to The Prestige and The Dark Knight, he has found critical acclaim and commercial success in enviably equal proportions, a rare feat for a filmmaker in Hollywood.

Today, the third trailer for his latest effort, the enigmatic sci-fi action thriller Inception, hit the web and we are absolutely engaged and enthused for this potentially massive hit. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine and many more, the film is set in a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, where a single idea within one’s mind can be the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset. See it for yourself and keep the questions coming in our comments board.