New Pics from Live Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Offer a Darker...

New Pics from Live Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Offer a Darker Take on the Fairy Tale

Before you blurt out, “Not another Disney remake,” pause and take a peek at these new stills from the latest live action remix of Beauty of the Beast. 

The new images from Silent Hill director Christophe Gans’ film shows that this latest adaption of the French fairy tale has all the enchantment of its beloved animated incarnation, and a whole lot more flare. Midnight in Paris star Lea Seydoux will headline the story as Belle, and Vincent Cassel will hold his glass-encased rose close to his heart as he recreates the role of the Beast.

From the looks of these images, the flick will capture all the essence of the olden days of small town France. However, these stills do portray that the live-action version will delve into a darker tone than its animated predecessor. As inviting as these visuals are, we do wish we got a bit more of a glimpse of the Beast from these shots. I guess he’s just a bit shy…

Beauty And The Beast will enchant French audiences on February 12, 2014, before it launches into theatres later on in the U.S.. In the meantime, Take a look below at the pictures from the upcoming fantasy drama.

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