New ‘Logan’ Set Photo Hints At A Darker Side Of X-Men

New ‘Logan’ Set Photo Hints At A Darker Side Of X-Men


Logan, the highly-anticipated Wolverine film, seems like it will be a dark take on X-Men. Originally, the R-rating was bit surprising, but new photos from the set look totally ominous.

Hugh Jackman recently shared a photo on his social media accounts that he titled “smelting plant.” The image includes a toppled over water tower, which is one of the places Logan was shot. If you look to the left of the water tower, there’s a black car that was in the photos originally leaked from the set. 

We’re not sure exactly what Logan is doing at the smelting plant, but it probably has something to do with his claws. Could he be trying to get them removed? Is he shirking his X-Men identity? The film is said to include elements of Old Man Logan, which occurs when most of the Marvel heroes are dead and Wolverine is trying to lead a normal life with his family in California. 

Logan is set in 2024 and follows and aging Wolverine who uses alcohol to cope with constant pain. Professor X is really, really old and totally unstable. The whole mutant world is crumbling, and the mutant birthrate has massively declined. An organization named Transigen is kidnapping the few mutants that are born and turning them into weapons. During the film, Wolverine meets his female clone, X-23. We’re guessing there will be a bit of the passing of the torch as Wolverine and company try to save the world from Transigen.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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