New ‘Looper’ Trailer: More Retro-Futuristic Action with Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Sony has unveiled a new trailer — two days after we saw the international version — of its upcoming sci-fi mindbender Looper, now with more Joseph Gordon-Levitt-vs.-Bruce Willis action.

As JGL himself explains in the clip, Loopers are specialized assassins — of which he is one — “in our present” who work for criminal organizations and “eliminate the target from the future.” His professional life hits a bit of a snag, though, when he is hired to kill his future self, played by John McClane himself.

The Rian Johnson-written and -directed action flick, which hits theaters Sept. 28, also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, and a somewhat Dude-resembling Jeff Daniels. Check out the latest trailer below!


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