New ‘Men In Black 3’ Posters Might Have Secret Powers


Now, I’m just as excited for Men in Black III (and more importantly, Will Smith’s first musical creation in far too long) as anybody else…but I’m not exactly willing to singe my retinae over it. Apparently, however, that’s what is expected of MIB fans, as staring at the below posters for the third installment in the fun-loving sci-fi adventure series too long might just made your eyes turn to dust.

Below, we can see (just take quick glances!) Mosaic-esque posters of stars Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, in character as Agents J and K, mastering their no-nonsense stares to prepare us for a raising of the stakes in  the upcoming MIB movie. My theory is that, actually focusing your eyes on these posters will have the same effect as the tiny memory-erasing mechanism from the past films…maybe they’re hoping to make us forget about the relatively lackluster Men in Black II, and keep our minds fixed on the modern classic that was the original.

Either way, excitement is brewing for MIB3, which comes out May 25, 2012.