Sea Monsters Storm in New ‘Pacific Rim’ 2-Minute TV Spot

The remaining members of mankind rally together against all odds to fight off an apocalyptic nightmare in the new 2-minute TV spot for Pacific Rim. The upcoming sci-fi film, directed by Guillermo del Toro, follows soldiers that pilot supermassive robots, known as Jaegers, to ward off menacing, relentless monsters that emerge from a portal beneath the Pacific Ocean. 

A deep breath hums in the background of the TV spot for the futuristic flick. It’s evident that the end of time is near as sea monsters stampede earth, smash cars, and destroy what’s left of humanity. Robots charge forward and bright lights flicker as humans fight to fend off the persistently malicious monsters. 

In the spot, we also listen in on Idris Elba’s motivational speech to his fellow pilots. And we even get a glance at the Jaegers and the pilots controlling them, who have their noggins locked in neural vaults.

The 3D film Pacific Rim will invade theaters everywhere July 12.

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