New Red Band Trailer for ‘The Sitter’ Deserves a Standing Ovation

The Sitter seems to be what Jonah Hill and his band of thieves have been building to for quite some time.

Now, may not be the best film we’ve ever seen of Hill’s, or the biggest. But it seems like it might tread the most grounded in terms of where this group’s comedies are willing to go. It’s almost as if they decided, “On this one, we’re holding nothing back. It’s going to be a child-endangering, innocence-crumbling, insultingly sexual and definitively racist, excrutiatingly violent comedy. Starring Jonah.”

And nobody disagreed. Thankfully.

Jonah Hill carries movies more than adequately. Max Records of Where the Wild Things Are is stupendous. Ari Graynor, also delightful. The premise: the worst babysitter in the world takes his three bratty, nearly sociopathic kids to party so he can have sex. With Ari Graynor. Who, by the way, is delightful (did we mention she’s delightful?).

The Red Band trailer speaks for itself (loudly, and with many expletives). The Sitter will hit theaters December 9. You can see it then. That’s part of the deal.