New ‘Red’ Trailer, Fresh From The Con

How weird is it that Bruce Willis officially counts as “old”? He’s at least retirement age, according to the new trailer for Space-Cowboys-meets-Bourne action flick Red that hit the net today after premiering last night at San Diego Comic Con. The new trailer isn’t drastically different from the teasers we’ve seen before, though it does provide a longer look at John Malkovich‘s deranged ex-CIA operative, who looks like the fun kind of crazy. Red, which is directed by Robert Schwentke, follows Bruce Willis, a recently retired secret agent who must get the old, and emphasis on old, gang back together to combat high-tech assassins who hope to cut their retirement short. We don’t see too much of the villains in this trailer, but they must be pretty ballsy if they’re trying to kill Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. As the Dame herself pointed out at Comic Con, it’s not every day you see an action film with the Queen and God in it.

Source: MTV