New Teaser Posters For ‘Pirates 4’ & ‘Cowboys & Aliens’; First Look At ‘The Raven’

If an image is worth a thousand words and my calculations are correct (carry the three…) these three new images are worth about three thousand words. How about two hundred? Talk about a deal!

First up we have the teaser poster for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It’s a skull with some swords crossed behind it. Just like the teaser poster for every other Pirates flick. Almost. Glad to see they still remember basic pirate motifs and didn’t try for anything crazy like a canary with a cross bow. It’d be really cool if the poster had hidden clues and Easter Eggs scattered about, but lets be honest. It’s a movie about pirates, not LOST.

Pirates 4

Next we have the teaser poster for Cowboys and Aliens, Jon Favreau’s follow up to Iron Man 2. The film stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford and I honestly can’t tell who this is supposed to be (which would be an insult to Craig but a compliment to Ford). It looks like the cowboy has some alien technology! So far it has delivered on its promise set forth in the title and I am pleased!

Cowboys and Aliens

And finally we have John Cusack dressed as Edgar Allan Poe in James McTeigue’s period thriller The Raven. And since the comments on Gawker have already beaten me to the better jokes, I’ll just write them here: I prefered Quoth Anything, how about The Tell-Tale Fart, and finally the Hot Tub Time Machine went back too far! Too far! Oh internet commentators, you are the best.

John Cusack

Source: Slashfilm, Yahoo, Gawker