New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer: ‘I Won’t Bury You’ — VIDEO


According to the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (“You’re welcome,” say the pop culture gods), things are about to get even darker for The Dark Knight. New foe Bane (played by Tom Hardy) is attempting to destroy Gotham City, and the metropolis has collapsed in complete anarchy. As the letters crawling across the trailer note, “Hope is lost.” But not all hope: Batman (Christian Bale) will return and fight the battle of his life to save his city from doom.

“I won’t bury you,” Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler Alfred (Michael Caine) says in the new trailer. “I’ve buried enough members of the Wayne family.” Foreshadowing for a possibly bleak ending for Dark Knight Rises? What can this epic battle mean for Batman? And why can’t we still understand Bane? The Dark Knight Rises on July 20. Watch the new trailer below.


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