New Footage from ‘World War Z’ in Music Video for Muse’s ‘Isolated Systems’

Muse’s new music video for “Isolated Systems” portrays Brad Pitt as United Nations employee and dad of the year in this summer’s apocalyptic zombie thriller, World War Z. For a band whose songs have specifically asked for an “Apocalypse Please” and a “Supermassive Black Hole,” the rockers seemed like the fitting choice for the soundtrack of a tale of undead decimation.

With its Exorcist-like piano pulse and radio transmissions documenting a planet’s attack, the chilling song crescendos as the clock runs out and the zombie attack climaxes. Pitt’s panic becomes increasingly evident as the world implodes to the words “in an isolated system, entropy can only increase.”

Credit: Paramount Pictures

However, it isn’t a coincidence that “Isolated System” is the ideal musical match for the WWZ footage. According to a Billboard interview with the band, the Muse band members read the World War Z book while recording their latest album The 2nd Law. Following the premiere for World War Z, Muse livened up the night by performing live at London’s Horse Guards Parade.

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