New York Comic Con Costume Nerdery

Is it even accurate to still describe nerds as virgins? Is that still relevant? Because after watching this video, I realized there are seriously a lot of girl nerds. I mean, a lot. And since nerds still can’t exactly brag about their muscular physique (like I can), they can show off their level of dedication. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want to hook up with a guy that took the time to create a life size replica costume of Predator complete with a severed head and dangling vertebrae? He must have had to beat them off (hehe). And its not like the guys even had to try. There were girls dressed as Na’vi from Avatar! You don’t even have to try, just say “I see you” and you’re golden. Man, I could’ve racked up at this. I was too busy painting my life size replica of the TARDIS. Nerd for life, Newtonians.