Newbie Sam Claflin is Kristen Stewart’s Prince in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

Sam ClaflinFor a guy who can almost count his screen credits on one hand, Sam Claflin sure is getting some serious offers these days. He’s starring in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides alongside Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush, he was just offered a role in The Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore and now he’s set to play the Prince to Kristen Stewart’s hopefully not-at-all-emo Snow White in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman. (That’s the one with Charlize Theron, not to be confused with the Julia Roberts one.)

He seems pretty princely, so I think it work out just fine, but the studio offered Thor star Chris Hemsworth the huntsman role, and if I were a prince, I’d be pretty worried about a big, muscular hunk like Hemsworth galavanting around the woods with my lady. Maybe Claflin’s prince will luck out and some less-intimidating dude will escort Snow White through the forest so he doesn’t feel so inadequate. That’s what the story’s really about, right? Right? Oh, it’s a fantasy movie about a girl who’s so pretty she can’t stand it? Well, I guess I’ll just shut up then.

Source: Deadline