Newcomer Tapped to Direct ‘Valley Girl’ Remake

Nicolas CageA remake of the 1983 movie Valley Girl has been in the works for quite a while, but a director has finally been chosen, bringing the highly anticipated update a lot closer to fruition.

According to Deadline, relative newcomer Clay Weiner has reportedly landed the dream gig over several other, more well-known directors — all thanks to the reel he submitted and the song-and-dance numbers it contained. This is slated to be a musical remake, after all.

Weiner’s biggest directorial credits to date include a couple episode of Spike’s college-football comedy series Blue Mountain State and the 2010 Nickelodeon TV movie Fred: The Movie. He has also directed several TV commercials.

The original Valley Girl starred a very young Nicolas Cage (it was his second feature film) as a city punk who forms an unlikely relationship with a valley girl (Deborah Foreman).