Nicolas Cage Reveals Method Behind 9/11 Role

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage spent hours in a sense-deprivation tank to understand exactly what his character in upcoming 9/11 film World Trade Center suffered.

The movie–directed by Oliver Stone–tells the story of the last two people found alive in the rubble of the collapsed Twin Towers in 2001 and Cage, who plays police officer John McLoughlin, was desperate to do justice to his heroic character.

He says, “I focused on getting Mr. McLoughlin’s New York accent right.

“I spent time in a sense-deprivation tank to get a hint of the fear and claustrophobia one might experience after hours immobile and in pain in the dark.

“I also spent some time with McLoughlin and his family.

Cage Defends 9/11 Film

Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage has hit out at criticisms his role in upcoming 9/11 film World Trade Center is insensitive to the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The movie has outraged relatives of victims who died in the tragedy, who fear it has been sensationalized by Hollywood.

However, Cage, who plays police officer John McLoughlin, insists it’s a fitting and accurate tribute to the heroes of that day.

He tells British tabloid The Sun, “The movie is not meant to entertain.

“I see it as storytelling which depicts history. This is what happened. Look at it.

“The picture feels like real time unfolding. It smacks of reality and feels as real as it can. The movie’s about what happened among this handful of men when the buildings came down.”

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