Nicole Kidman Saves a Nation by Being Beautiful and Rich in ‘Grace of Monaco’ Trailer

Nicole Kidman becomes royalty in the dazzling trailer for Oliver Dahan’s newest film Grace of Monaco, which recounts the glamor and turmoil that encompased the real-life reign of Grace Kelly, Hollywood starlet turned Princess of Monaco. Instead of taking form as a biopic about Kelly’s entire life, the film will only focus on the few years during which Kelly helped ease tensions between France and Monaco. This is welcome news because biopics that try to throw a person’s entire life on screen usually become terribly unweildly in the process. Think of how bad The Social Network would have been if we had to watch Mark Zuckeburg manipulate his third grade classmates out of their juiceboxes.

Grace of Monaco, Nicole KidmanThe Weinstein Company

The trailer is beautifully shot and exudes a certain elegance. There is a essence of royalty that lingers in every scene as we see Kidman’s Grace traipse down long hallways or attend fancy dinners, bathed in rich yellow light. Even though the film boasts an impressive cast, featuring actors like Frank Langella, Parker Posey, Tim Roth, Derek Jacobi, and Milo Ventimiglia, this short teaser only focuses on Kidman with a voiceover promising that the world will never forget who Grace Kelly is and what she has done. We hope Kidman’s newest film is good, because we’d all like to forget Austrailia ever happened.

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