Nicole Kidman Will Try to Be Like Grace Kelly

Nicole KidmanIf your biggest problem with My Week with Marilyn was that it didn’t feel “big” enough, Grace of Monaco might be your wheelhouse.

Consider everything about Simon Curtis’ 2011 biopic. The subject matter: Marilyn Monroe. The star: Michelle Williams. The time frame: one week. The subtext: the icon’s emotional turmoil. Up the ante on all four, and you get Grace of Monaco — a film about Grace Kelly, as portrayed by Nicole Kidman, over a period of six months, covering an international dispute between Monaco and France. Your move, Curtis.

The biggest question that likely comes to mind when considering this project is whether or not Kidman is the right fit for Kelly. At first glance, everything seems on point. Both women are larger than life presences who exemplify glamour and regality. The problem with this is, however, that actors of such presence sometimes find difficulty in effectively selling biopic roles. Did you really forget that it was Meryl Streep behind Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, or Leonardo Di Caprio behind J. Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar?

This is not to say that Kidman can’t handle the role; her Kidman’s capabilities regularly amaze. But hopefully, the public will be able to look past the Kidmanity and focus wholeheartedly on the Grace.


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