‘Noah’ International Trailer Proves The Bible Sounds More Epic in Japanese

Who knew The Bible had so much green screen?

The new international trailer for Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah makes the great flood look like a proper disaster film. The film takes on the familiar Noah myth with epic styling, and dials up the destruction to 11 when Russel Crow’s Noah builds a huge ark when his direct line to God informs him that there are several oceans worth of CGI’d water threatening to drown the planet.

Noah, International TrailerCBMTrailers/YouTube

Aronofsky looks like he’s handling the incredibly bombastic imagery with a soft touch, and it seems that the film is still telling a story first while being a visual feast second. It also helps that this international trailer has a deeply onimous Japanese voice-over that our imagination and lack of Japanese language proficency assures us is probably saying sweepingly epic things about Russell Crowe’s fantastic beard and the mountains of water flooding the planet.