Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, and Woody Harrelson Work Their (Illegal) Magic in 6 ‘Now You See Me’ Clips

Louis Leterrier’s magician movie Now You See Me creates a ragtag Robin Hood team out of a collection of dissimilar illusionists: Jesse Eisenberg’s card trickster, Woody Harrelson’s mentalist, Isla Fisher’s daredevil, and Dave Franco’s sleight-of-hand street performer. After an enigmatic meeting, the foursome bands together to pull off the biggest magic show imaginable: using their assorted skills to rob a French bank and subsequently evade the wrath of the FBI (with Mark Ruffalo leading the investigation).

Here, we have six clips from the fun thriller, in which the quad works its way through an international heist, some heated police interrogation, and a few personal squabbles. Check out the videos, and catch Now You See Me in theaters on Friday, May 31.

Credit: Summit Entertainment

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