‘Now You See Me’: Isla Fisher & Dave Franco On How To Make Magicians Sexy

Isla Fisher and Dave Franco, who play heist-minded magicians in Now You See Me are well aware that top-hatted conjurers haven’t exactly been considered sexy in the past. Of course, the fact that they use their sleight-of-hand skills to rob banks and drown in rivers of cash breaks them out of goofy Burt Wonderstone territory.

So do Fisher’s fetching leather gloves, the key style component of a female magician character she calls “anarchist, fierce, and sexy,” even though Fisher also says “I don’t see myself with any of those traits.” Dave Franco’s Jack Wilder even says in the movie, “We’re going to be the first magicians to ever get laid!” So how did they go about making magicians sexy? Check out what Fisher and Franco had to say!

Credit: Summit Entertainment

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