NPH Gets Spirited in First Image from ‘Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas’ (Updated with Trailer!)

UPDATE: The trailer has been unveiled, too! Scroll down to watch.

What made the first Harold & Kumar so good was the simplicity of its predicate: they were going to White Castle. The contrast between the uncomplicated conquest and the resultant madness (as well as the overtones of racism) was an effective formula. The sequel made the mistake of giving the characters outright goals with serious complexity: Harold wants to fly to Amsterdam to seek out a girl he barely knows in order to declare his love for her (despite the fact that she’ll be back in his building within a week), and Kumar wants to travel to Texas in order to stop the wedding of a girl he used to love and a guy he has come to hate — a guy, by the way, who has ties to the government and arranges for his old friends to be sent to Guantanamo Bay as penalty for their impositions on his marital affairs.

But the upcoming A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, while cashing in on three big sellers with the title alone, looks like it will bring things back to the original format. As far as the new twist is concerned, Harold and Kumar are separated; the two have not spent time together in six years. However, Kumar shows up back in Harold’s life and ruins his father-in-law’s Christmas tree. Thus, Harold and Kumar set out through New York City to replace the tree; as is the series’ bread-and-butter, there are roadblocks. Now, this may not be as simple as getting something to eat, but it’s got some flare to it. And, as you can see below, we’ll be getting another visit from the series’ most iconic character come November 4.


Source: Slashfilm