‘Oblivion’ Star Olga Kurylenko Finds Her Twilight and Harry Potter in ‘Vampire Academy’

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The premise for Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy book series reads like the ultimate young adult fiction Mad Libs. In the book, a vampire named Rose Hathaway is forced to return to her magical boarding school. There, her friendships are put to the test thanks to a blossoming romance and the rise of a great evil. YAF 101.

As routine as Vampire Academy may seem, Mead’s novels have an ardent following. The casting of up-and-comer Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures) in the upcoming film adaptation by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) left the passionate fanbase in a tizzy, and the next big name to join the project will surely stir up controversy as only these types of movies can do. Oblivion star Olga Kurylenko will star alongside Deutch as Headmistress Ellen Kirova, the Dumbledore to Vampire Academy‘s Harry Potter. In the books, Rose describes her as being “a vulture.” Kurylenko can certainly go there, personality wise.

Is Vampire Academy headed on track to actually become the next Twilight or Harry Potter, or is the series destined to the fate of romance-infused franchise hopefuls like Beautiful Creatures? Kurylenko has blockbuster credits to her name, but she’s not a dramatic standout in the vein of the Potter ensemble. This could be a role that continues her climb to stardom… if the role fits.

Come, members of Fanpire Academy. Weigh in on Kurylenko and tell us why Vampire Academy is the series that’s going to break the mold as Hollywood continues to translate popular books to the big screen.

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