Oliver Set, Williams May Star In ‘Absolutely Anything’

John OliverJohn Oliver should be having fun. Besides tearing it up with Jon Stewart as a Daily Show correspondent, racking up huge laughs in Community, and even making the intro video to BBC DVDs funnier than it ought to be, he was just announced to star in Absolutely Anything. While Oliver is well on his way to joining the list of best British comedians, the film comes from a true British (nay, the World!) comedy Hall of Famer, Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

Jones co-wrote the script which involves “aliens, a goofy Brit, a talking dog and buckets of silliness.” Besides Oliver, Jones is said to be bringing in some major talent. He is currently in talks with Robin Williams to voice the talking dog. Though Williams’ recent live action comedies haven’t been up to par (Old Dogs, anyone?), his voice work is always stellar. He riffs and ad-libs so much that they even altered Aladdin to make room for his jokes. And with Oliver to bounce off of, this could be another classic for Robin Williams, or at least his voice. 

But Jones isn’t done yet. He is a pivotal member of Monty Python (he directed Holy Grail and  Life of Brian) and as such mentioned that the remaining members of the legendary comedy troupe could voice the aliens. Albeit being just their voices, a Monty Python reunion would be outstanding. As long as it doesn’t cause a resurgence of their quotes. Those things have been deader than this parrot. They’re pushing daisies!

Behind the scenes fun fact of the day! Alternate headlines considered for this article: Oliver And Williams Will Do ‘Absolutely Anything’ For Monty Python; Desperate? Oliver Will Do ‘Absolutely Anything;’ Terry Jones Will Do ‘Absolutely Anything’ For Attention (The Crazy Preacher, Not The Monty Python Who Happens To Be Directing A New Movie With John Oliver!). The last one might have been too long.

Source: Deadline