Olivia Munn Adds Stripper to Her Resume in ‘Magic Mike’

Magic Mike seems intent on ensuring that America gets to see every single actor and actress in Hollywood naked. Added to the gigantic cast of Steven Soderbergh’s “coming of age”/”making ends meet” story (based on star Channing Tatum’s real-life experiences) is Olivia Munn, who will play (wait for it…) a stripper.

Munn’s character is Amber, who will be of romantic interest to Channing’s Michael “Magic Mike” Martingano. The role had been formerly attributed to Jessica Biel, who now seems to have no attachment to the project. Those very much enthused by the idea of a stipper movie for purely aesthetic reasons will probably not be disappointed by the inclusion of Munn, even at the expense of Biel.

As it’s inevitable that you’ve missed or forgotten at least a few of the cast members in this rapidly-growing project, here’s a handful of those who have been mentioned: Alex Pettyfer as Magic Mike’s protegee (with the moniker “The Kid”), Cody Horn as the sister to Pettyfer’s character, Matthew McConaughey as a stripclub owner named DallasMatt Bomer as another stripper, Riley Keough, Gabriel Iglesias and Joe Manganiello.


Source: Deadline