Olivia Wilde Joins ‘Welcome to People’

Olivia WildeIn an apparent move to try to knock the Earth off its orbit from a ridiculous amount of good-looking people being in one place at one time, Olivia Wilde has joined Welcome to People, DreamWorks’ new family drama already featuring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film tells the story of a “businessman (Pine) who returns home after his estranged father’s death and discovers that he has an alcoholic sister (Banks) with a 12-year-old son.” Wilde will play Pine’s character’s girlfriend. Star Trek and Cowboys & Aliens co-writer Alex Kurtzman penned the script with Roberto Orci and Jody Lambert and is making his directorial debut with People.

Welcome to People looks to be — at least from the quick summary — one of the first major roles Wilde is taking that demands more than just looking extremely hot in spandex (see this example) and will require some actual character study. Following her successful stint on House, she shouldn’t have much trouble with the role.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter