Olivia Wilde Mulling Lovelace Biopic

A crucial step in the career progression of any Serious Actor is a biopic — the more controversial and/or damaged the figure portrayed, the better. Olivia Wilde, most recently seen in such frivolous commercial fare as Tron: Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens, seems primed to take that step toward respectability, and she’s lined up a doozy of a subject to help her do it: porn star Linda Lovelace, star of the groundbreaking skin flick Deep Throat. According to E!, Wilde is considering starring in the biopic from directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Oscar-winning documentarians whose 2010 narrative debut, Howl, starred James Franco as the provocative beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

The news might come as a surprise to Kate Hudson, the actress currently attached to play Lovelace. The role of Lovelace’s husband/Svengali, pornographer Chuck Traynor, has reportedly been offered to Franco. A rival Lovelace pic, Inferno, is currently in pre-production, with Matthew Wilder directing and Malin Ackerman slated to star.

Source: E!