Olivia Wilde To ‘Change Up’ On Screen

Olivia WildeOlivia Wilde will be gracing our collective cinaplex screens for the next while. And as warm blooded persons with a pulse, we should all be thankful. Now news is coming in that she is set to star opposite Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change Up.

This is only the next step for Wilde who has a wild list of upcoming films. She has The Next Three Days opposite Russell Crowe and Butter a Hugh Jackman/Jennifer Garner comedy (not the Paula Dean biopic which I am writing). She’ll also be appearing in this December’s surefire blockbuster Tron: Legacy. Not too mention the Jon Favreau (Iron Man and Iron Man 2) Cowboys and Aliens, with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford (no word on which is the cowboy and which is the alien).

The Change Up should only help Wilde build her career after these films. The film’s writers penned a little blockbuster called The Hangover. And the director, David Dobkin, made Wedding Crashers which gave to us the comedic powers of Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams. Dobkin obviously knows how to handle smart and funny women, so Wilde is in good hands.

And if she isn’t in good hands, I hereby officially volunteer to be said hands. I have very tender hands, I exfoliate and moisturize and the calluses from typing show I can work hard and take care of her.

Source: Deadline