Olivier Megaton To Helm ‘Taken 2’

TakenOlivier Megaton has taken the job of directing Taken 2 and Twentieth Century Fox has agreed to distribute the film worldwide. Without a doubt, the sequel will once again take place in Europe with Liam Neeson searching for his abducted daughter (or whoever the bad guys took this time).

Megaton, who is responsible for The Transporter 3 and this fall’s Colombiana, will have lots to live up to with this sequel. The original took in over $225 million worldwide on a rumored $25 million budget despite being a fairly simple action flick. The story will have to greatly expand for the film to avoid treading water and Megaton, in addition to letting his crew know that he’s not a Decepticon, will have to conjure all his action flick acumen to make Taken 2 as thrilling as the first. 

Source: Variety