One Directon Drops Trailer for ‘This Is Us’: Way More Than ‘Never Say Never’

It’s a good day to be a One Direction fan! Not only did the five British hunks release the full-length trailer for their 3-D film This Is Us, but 1D also divulged the title for their upcoming single… drum roll please: “Best Song Ever” — is it safe to assume that this track will in fact be the best song ever?

The trailer for the movie initially feels a lot like Justin Bieber’s flick Never Say Never, but then it veers off in a very heartfelt direction (no pun intended). This Is Us has a genuine vibe to it, which will definitely please One Direction fangirls.  

The film documents the boy band’s ascension to ultimate stardom and eventual world-takeover, but also portrays their journey starting from their humble origins — sexy Styles even revisits the bakery he worked at pre-One Direction fame.

In the midst of dedicated concert-goers, PG tunes, and cheesy humor, the trailer pulls at the heartstrings of tweens everywhere when Zayn Malik keeps his promise to purchase his mother a house and their mommies purchase life-size posters of their sons — Aww!

A huge aspect of This Is Us is the boys disproving that they are just another boy band by straying away from generic choreographed dance moves and embracing sexuality. We even get a jaw-dropping glance at Harry galloping around shirtless, but also have the blissful joy of hearing a snippet of “Best Song Ever,” which will be available for pre-order on iTunes at midnight BST. 

A huge shipment of pacemakers might need to be ordered to make sure all the One Direction fans’ hearts are still beating all right after this faint-worthy news!

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