‘OZ’: Kunis, Williams, or Weisz: Which Witch Is the Wicked One? — POSTER

The most recent trailer for Spider-Man director Sam Raimi’s Wizard of OZ prequel OZ The Great and Powerful had us convinced that Rachel Weisz’s witch character Evanora may not be as innocent as she appears. Seeing as neither her nor her sisters, Theodora (Mila Kunis) and Glinda (Michelle Williams), sported the verdant skin of the classic Wicked Witch (who appears briefly in the trailer), the assumption is that one of them must become the iconic baddie. The trailer hints at Weisz — but was Raimi throwing us a curveball?

This new poster has our theories jumbled. The latest one-sheet spotlights the villain in all her destructive glory, but the green makeup and exaggerated nose mask the actress underneath.


So which witch is it? Disney is staying mum on the revelation, so we leave it to your detective work. Below is a photo of the main cast for comparison. Is the witch Weisz? Kunis? Will Raimi really pull the rug out from under our feet and turn Williams’ Glinda into an evildoer? Or the craziest theory of all: James Franco. We’ll find out when the movie arrives on March 8, 2013, but for now, check out the cast photo below and scroll down to answer our poll on who you think is the real Wicked Witch!


Who Do You Think Is Playing the Wicked Witch in ‘OZ’?

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