‘OZ: The Great and Powerful’: Is That Mila Kunis or My Grandma’s Porcelain Doll? — POSTER


Four character posters for OZ: The Great and Powerful have just been released, and while we are excited to see Sam Raimi‘s epic take on the classic Wizard of Oz story, we are more than a bit baffled at one of the images.

Looking at Mila Kunis‘s character poster above, we’re left wondering: what on earth (or Oz) did they do to her face? Is this really Kunis, or a porcelain doll you’d find on a shelf at your grandma’s house? Now, we’re not saying the woman in the image looks bad – it’s just not Kunis! Methinks the art department was a little too heavy-handed when it came to Photoshop… When you can’t even recognize the actor in your image, that’s usually a good sign that you should stop airbrushing.

The other posters for Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, and James Franco‘s characters are much more aesthetically pleasing, since they, you know, actually look like them. Check the rest of the posters out below:




OZ: The Great and Powerful hits theaters March 8, 2013.

[Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]

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